About WAS and the author

  • Web Analytics Secrets was created so that I could share my points of view and interrogations about web analytics (but not only…) with other web analytics addicts. The web is full of web analytics articles but I have not come across many web analytics blogs by day to day web analysts and I think it’s a shame, hence Web Analytics Secrets.
  • Web analytics can not be looked at in isolation, well, it can in theory, but it shouldn’t. Instead, web analytics should assist businesses in shaping their e-commerce, online and marketing strategies. Therefore, I will also be talking about the 3 areas listed above.
  • A few words about me, the author of this blog. Well, first of all my name is Penelope Bellegarde and I currently live in London which, trust me, from a web analytics perspective is a great place to be! I worked in marketing and online for a few years and then I decided to specialize myself in web analytics. So far, I have worked in the consultancy, automotive, media and travel industries, all of them presenting various challenges.
  • Oh, one last thing, there will be adverts on this blog at a later stage. These ads will be kept relevant and they will not be intrusive. I hope this does not put you off. Ok, now let’s start talking!!

2 Responses to About WAS and the author

  1. Rafi says:

    Hi Penelope,

    I visited your site to see if there were any new posts and I assume others have done the same. Haven’t seen anything this April, write something! You know you have my support.

    Happy Easter.


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